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Sex and the Single Sea Hare

Sea hares, a kind of sea slug, will form large groups of individuals all involved in the process of reproduction. Each individual sea hare has both male and female reproductive systems, and each is capable for providing and receiving sperm simultaneously with other sea hares. The result is large masses of yellow eggs in strings that look like cooked spaghetti. 

Iridescent Algae

Marine algae use the energy in sunlight to make food. The production of the soft blue light by the marine alga is the result of an interaction with sunlight that has nothing to do with photosynthesis. How is it produced?

Sunrise Over Anacapa

Anacapa Island lies at the eastern end of the chain of islands forming the northern Channel Islands group. This chain of islands is an extension of the Santa Monica Mountains to the east. The east-west orientation of these mountains and islands is the result of massive tectonic forces twisting large chunks of the North American continental plate in a clockwise direction.