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Photo of the week
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A Plant with Taste

Lemonade berry (Rhus intergrifolia) is an endemic plant species in the California Floristic Province. It gets its common name from the sharp, tart taste of its berries. Native American people used the berries and leaves in several ways. One included soaking the berries in water to create a tart beverage.

A Landscape on Edge

The Vasquez Rocks in northern Los Angeles County are the result of the erosion of the San Gabriel Mountains and subsequent uplift and erosion along smaller fault systems. The angle of tilt on the layers of sedimentary rock exposed in this formation is a testament to forces involved in the process of mountain building when two of the Earth's tectonic plates grind against each other.

The Whorls of a Snail

Marine snails start off life as microscopic larvae that bear very little resemblance to their final form. They also have a microscopic shell that must have some way of growing along with them as they develop into an adult. How does a snail manage to make a shell made of limestone grow?