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Photo of the week
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Eye of the Sea Hare

Sea hares are sea slugs that cruise the bottom looking for algae snacks. The California sea hare (Aplysia california) will excrete a purple ink when disturbed by a predator. Native Americans living near the coast used this ink to dye some of the materials they made.

Flaming Tentacles

Sea anemones are among my favorite underwater photography subjects. The beautiful colors and abstract forms captured in close-up compositions make for very interesting photos. Like all anemones, this white-spotted rose anemone (Urticina lofotensis) using stinging cells studding its graceful tentacles to capture passing prey.

Purple Mountains

The peaceful purple Swan Mountains lie beneath a forbidding layer of clouds moving or the Flathead Valley in northwestern Montana as the sun sets. This peaceful scene belies the tremendous forces and upheavals that were responsible for the creation of this landscape on the North American continent some 100 to 125 million years ago.