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2016-08-29 Santa Cruz Island Willow's West Wall CDKL8616-900px.jpg

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The Whorls of a Snail

Marine snails start off life as microscopic larvae that bear very little resemblance to their final form. They also have a microscopic shell that must have some way of growing along with them as they develop into an adult. How does a snail manage to make a shell made of limestone grow?

Ending the Drought

California has been in a significant drought over the last five or six years. But the state also gets abundant rainfall over multiple years at other times. California's Mediterranean climate is a study in contrasts when it comes to annual rain totals.

Blue and White

This blue and white nudibranch is Loch's chromodoris, and was photographed at Coral Garden off Taveuni in the Republic of Fiji. Like other nudibranchs and sea hares, it is a simultaneous hermaphrodite, possessing both male and female reproductive structures at the same time.